Let us tell you about the clusterf*ck that was 2020 when we launched our brand

The modern world was supposed to upgrade our lives, but instead introduced us to a complex ecosystem of technology and social constructs that amplify our worst anxieties - climate change, the cost of living, inequality, the list goes on. Today’s modern human coping mechanism is exploited by the promise of “wellness” enjoyed by a privileged few that can afford it, and is fueled by aspirational imagery on social media that is neither attainable nor relatable for many. Human*Better creates products to help us cope with the anxieties unique to modern life.

Human*Better brings to light and pokes fun at our uniquely modern human problems, allowing us to relate to each other’s struggles. Breaking down our worst (perceived) anxieties into smaller (funnier) individual experiences helps us realize we’re not alone and that maybe it’s not all that bad.

Our Plant-Based Products won’t solve the world’s problems

Our first line of plant-based products focuses on functional drink supplements that support your immune system, sleep, relaxation and focus. These initial products won’t solve the world’s problems, but you will get superior absorption over pill form and custom formulations combined with the latest research-backed ingredients because, science. When mixed with water, our powdered drink mixes offer an unparalleled ingredient stack that astonishingly doesn’t taste like sh*t. Unlike our competitors, Human*Better reminds us that our modern obsession of getting the “right” nutrients should actually be enjoyable. Human*Better products are geared to help you relate better, feel better, and discover what it means to well, human better.